2539 Columbus: Waldorf School of New Orleans

Originally constructed in 1925, the three-story brick St Rose Parochial School building served as a middle school for decades. The renovated building will be home to the Waldorf School of New Orleans, a nonprofit school operating in New Orleans for more than 15 years that integrates academics with the arts, culture and community from nursery through 8th grade. The school brings a strong commitment to diversity and financial support to families: approximately 30% are students of color and approximately 50% of students receive financial assistance. WSNO will also have multiple outside spaces adjacent to the schoolhouse that will be central to students’ learning through outdoor play and exploration. WSNO is scheduled to open for the 2019 – 2020 school year.


In the meantime, the building is home to three entities: the New Orleans Career Center, Operation Spark and New Harmony High. These three nonprofits are advancing the project’s mission by serving low-income populations with pre-professional training and career preparation for a range of growing regional industries.